GoDot C64 Image Processing - Download Stuff

Module files are here for compatibility. They are outdated.

This list is filetype oriented and alphabetically ordered. The table below
shows the WINDOWS filename on the left, then the file length in bytes, then
the GoDot filename it must be renamed to, and the revision number of that



diasho13.ldr       1367  ldr.Diashow1.3     1.00  22.08.96  (outdated)
flickfix.mod        280  ldr.FlickerFixer   1.04  21.08.96  (outdated)



baum               4737  baum               Diashow Maker image
baum.dia           4737  baum.dia           the same image as before
empty320.gif        430  empty320.gif       empty gif image /w GoDot palette
ifli160.gif        1084  ifli160.gif        empty gif image /w GoDot IFLI palette
lucky             10003  lucky              Koala image
lucky.koa         10003  lucky.koa          the same image as before
monument.4bt      11856  monument.4bt       GoDot 4Bit image
text2.4bt         11536  text2.4bt          GoDot 4Bit image
verlauf.4bt       12457  verlauf.4bt        GoDot 4Bit image



c64.pal              201  c64.pal           (Paintshop Pro Palette)
ifli.pal            3002  ifli.pal          (Paintshop Pro Palette)


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Arndt Dettke
(c) 2001, Arndt Dettke, arndt@godot64.de