- GoDot Downloads -

(Stand: 2020)

GoDot is for free
GoDot's main Screen.

All you need on three disks!

Download three D64s as one ZIP
or as one D81 disk image
(D81 maybe not uptodate)

Download GoDot's Fonts on 4 disks as 1 ZIP

Magica - The Plus4 Projector
Magica running on a Plus4.

The GoDot Plus4 Support Disk
(everything to view graphics on your Plus4)
Including our Magica - the Plus4 Projector,
GoDot modules, and additional Plus4 programs
(assembled on a standalone GoDot disk)

P4SD disk image (113 KB)
(ReadMe on disk, updated 2019-12-27)
Plus4Graphics disk (91 KB)
(An awarded Magica Slideshow of 16 images)

See the GoDot tutorials in NA newsletters

How to GoDot
All tutorials from the North-American
Newsletters UCUGA Digest and Infinite Loop!

Download from here as PDFs

And of course our online tutorials
here on godot64.de

- Other Projects -

TSB in action
A programming interface running from TSB demoing the use of charsets.

Tuned Simons' Basic
(a very useful BASIC extension)
last update: 2020-02-11

TSB is compatible to Simons' Basic (Info:   )
about 30 additional commands
(added to the Simons' Basic set of commands)
TSB disk image (99 KB)
(manual on disk and online)

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Arndt Dettke