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You can use GoDot to retrieve JPG images (see news archives). 

GoDot now has a saver to store images in the 136 colors IFLI mode with the ability to instantly view them without any further program. Just RUN the saved image (svr.XRay64). The display routine is only PAL though. Is there anyone who could help me implementing an NTSC version?

Arndt (on 05-08-20)

To read the latest news please refer to the German section of this site. The news page is bi-lingual.

C64 Image Processing at its Best
(The English pages are outdated. Please use our German section.)

To dive into the adventure named GoDot refer to the manual pages (link see above) of this site. If you want to hear more about it, just ask any question you like!

It prints on color ink jets, digitizes from video sources/ handy scanners, converts all major formats, and helps manipulating your picture material to your wishes!

Todd Elliott wrote a Wheels-based picture viewer for GoDot files called "dotView". Please visit his site.

Also, GoDot supports printing PostScript documents in being able to convert every image in its memory to PostScript. Maurice Randall's PostPrint 2/3 or Todd Elliott's new version of geoPublish will do rest of the job. An example can be seen in Dale Sidebottom's Lucky Report, issue May 2001, p 12.

My UCUGA Commodore Digest workshop series can be downloaded as PDF files. 

In any case: Have a good time!


Arndt doing his job as a teacher
Hi, people out there!

The manual pages are reactivated now!
I still need help though to complete the translation of the many descriptions of my modules. If you like to assist, please send me an email (see bottom of this page).
Thank you!

Arndt Dettke
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